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Hello ever faithful readers,

Sorry it has been a while. I had quite a lot on my plate and something had to give. I am quite optimistic that things will be back to normal from now onward and you can expect the regular posts again.

Today’s post is about Roast Chicken. As we all know, chicken is one of the most widely consumed protein globally. It is hard to find someone that does not like eating chicken. As you can expect there are different chicken recipes among which is barbecue chicken, pepper chicken (see recipe here ), roast chicken and others. Ever since I had my first taste of roast chicken, it became one of my favourite chicken recipe. In fact, it is my go to meal for dinner parties and birthdays. I have accompanied it with different dishes such as Jollof Rice (see recipe here), Fried Rice, and Roast Potatoes. In every occasion, it always tasted great. The trick is to not use broiler chicken, they tend to be too tough, you want the chicken to be soft and succulent when done. I have been privileged to eat it at restaurants and what I find is that the skin would be quite tasty but the chicken is most often bland. In my opinion, this is due to lack of proper marinating. To avoid this, I make sure I marinate it for hours preferably overnight before roasting to ensure that all the flavours are infused in the chicken.

The Recipe
Preparation: 10 mins
Cooking: 50 mins

Total Duration: 1 hour

1 whole Chicken
Scotch bonnet peppers
Knorr Seasoning
Vegetable Seasoning
Cumin Powder and Coriander
Ginger and Garlic
Sesame Oil
Veggies: Broccoli, Cauliflower and Carrot
Mixed Herbs

1. Wash the chicken thoroughly and make series of tiny cuts on the skin. Mix ginger, garlic, scotch bonnet peppers, and onions together; season with salt, curry, thyme, cumin powder, coriander, vegetable seasoning, knorr cube and blend together to form a paste.

2. Coat the chicken with as much of the paste as possible. Put the coated chicken in a bag and add the left over mixture. Tighten very well to ensure no air can enter. Refrigerate for  4 hours( preferably overnight) to marinate to ensure the flavours are absorbed thoroughly by the chicken.

3. After marinating, oil the baking pan, coat the chicken with sesame oil and put in the pan. Place in an already warmed oven at medium temperature and roast for about 35 minutes.

4. While the chicken is roasting, chop the veggies to medium sizes and thinly slice the tomatoes and cucumber. After 35 minutes of roasting, add the chopped veggies and sliced tomatoes & cucumber, sprinkle some mixed herb and sesame oil. Then roast for another 5 to 10 minutes.

5. Serve and eat it with desired accompaniment.

Give it a try and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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